Before You Dig

Know what's below, Call before you dig. 811

Why call before you dig?

  • Digging responsibly is the only way to dig.
  • The impact of unsafe or careless digging practices is real and often costly – in terms of personal injury and damage to underground utility lines, property and the environment.
  • What’s more, calling before you dig is the law in Connecticut.

When do I call?

  • Anyone planning an outdoor project that requires digging with power or mechanized equipment must notify Call Before You Dig by dialing 811 before they start digging.
  • Issues related to proposed excavation depth, working on public property and project size are not valid legal exemptions from utilizing the CBYD service.
  • When in doubt, call 811.
  • We encourage anyone using hand tools for their project to notify us. Hand tools such as, axes, shovels, posthole diggers and the alike can easily damage underground utility pipes and cables as well as risking personal injury.

Home projects

Here are just a few examples of home projects that would require you to call 811 before digging:

  • Decks Fences Trees or shrubs Mailbox posts Swing sets
  • Room additions Patios Gardens Landscaping Fountains
  • Swimming pools Tents Outdoor lighting Satellite dishes

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