Theft of Service

Help keep our communities safe

  • Energy and water theft is a serious offense that is hazardous and illegal.
  • Stopping theft protects our communities and your rates.
  • When someone steals energy or water, everyone pays.

Why Report Energy or Water Theft?

  • Both fraud and theft of electric and water service result in higher energy and water costs for all customers.
  • Tampering with electric meters poses a serious danger to you, your neighbors, our employees, your property and the thieves.
  • Tampering can result in severe injury, electrocution, fire, explosions and even death.
  • Tampering with water meters or fire hydrants is also dangerous and illegal.

How Do I Report Energy or Water Theft?

If you suspect someone of tampering with, or receiving unauthorized use of electric or water service, please report it through the form below.

You can remain anonymous and the report will remain confidential.

SNEW works hard to stop fraud, theft, and other unauthorized consumption of electric and water service, so we can provide safe, affordable and reliable electricity and water to our customers.

We appreciate your help and thank you for support in this effort.