Application for Residential Electric Service

Printable Form, Residential Electric Service Application Form (PDF)

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  • Please read this section carefully!

    Applicants must provide a copy of their lease, closing statement or letter from owner. All individuals listed on the lease are required to sign the application form and are considered customers of SNEW.
    All applicants must provide at least one of the following identification documents: Valid Drivers License, State of Connecticut Photo ID, Passport, Immigration and Naturalization Service Documentation or a Social Security Card with matching Official Photo ID.
    The applicants for electric service agree to abide by and be governed by the rules, regulations, policies and practices of the South Norwalk Electric and Water currently enforce and as they are subsequently modified by the Second Taxing Commissioners.
    In order to limit your liability, you, the consumer, will be responsible to notify South Norwalk Electric and Water in writing prior to termination of service.