Understanding The Look Of Your New Water Bill

1. General contact information is provided here. 2. Customer name and billing address is printed here. 3. Service and meter details are shown in this area. 4. A 13 monthly usage history graph and comparison between your current bill, and the same month in the prior year. 5. Be sure to return the bottom portion with your payment. 6. Online payments can be made through SmartHub. Visit our website for more information, or contact us by phone 24/7. 7. Statement date, account number, and due date are listed at the top of the bill. 8. Important messages from SNEW related to your account. 9. A detailed breakdown of charges is shown here. There are no increases or additions to the fee structure; we’re just breaking everything out for you. This section shows the previous balance and total current charges (the amount you owe). 10. The total amount due is printed here, along with your account number. 11. Payments should be mailed to the address indicated on the remittance stub. Please make sure the address is visible through the window on the return envelope.

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