Hydrant Flushing

During the week of May 11, 2020 we will be flushing hydrants from 7am until 4pm in the vicinity of the following streets in Wilton:

Old Boston Road, Old Kings Highway, Tory Place, Borglum Road, Musket Ridge Road, Forge Road, Telva Road, Seir Hill Road, Deepwood Road, Belden Hill Road, Old Belden Hill Road, Silvermine Woods and North Seir Hill Road.

Beginning the week of April 20, 2020 we will be flushing hydrants from 7am until 4pm in the vicinity of the following streets in Norwalk (dates are subject to change):

W CEDAR ST 4/20/2020 Mon
OLIVE LN 4/20/2020 Mon
RICHARDS AVE 4/20/2020 Mon
JUHASZ ST 4/20/2020 Mon
BEECHWOOD RD 4/20/2020 Mon
WEST NORWALK RD 4/21/2020 Tue
MOREHOUSE LN 4/21/2020 Tue
RAMPART RD 4/21/2020 Tue
KEELER AVE 4/21/2020 Tue
RICHARDS AVE 4/22/2020 Wed
RIVER PARK DR 4/22/2020 Wed
WEST NORWALK RD 4/22/2020 Wed
PRIMROSE LN 4/23/2020 Thu
BROOKSIDE CT 4/23/2020 Thu
RICHARDS AVE 4/23/2020 Thu
SHADY BROOK LA 4/23/2020 Thu
GETNER FARM 4/23/2020 Thu
WOODCHUCK CT 4/23/2020 Thu
RED BIRD LN 4/24/2020 Fri
COTTONTAIL RD 4/24/2020 Fri
ROWAYTON AVE 4/24/2020 Fri
DEVILS GARDEN RD 4/24/2020 Fri
TIMBERLINE RD 4/24/2020 Fri
ERIN CT 4/24/2020 Fri
BRIAR ST 4/24/2020 Fri
VANDERBILT AVE 4/24/2020 Fri
POSSUM LN 4/24/2020 Fri
POSSUM CIR 4/24/2020 Fri
MEEKER CT 4/24/2020 Fri
ARNOLD LN 4/24/2020 Fri
ROWAYTON WOODS 4/24/2020 Fri
HIGHLAND AVE 4/27/2020 Mon
WILSON AVE 4/27/2020 Mon
ELY AVE 4/27/2020 Mon
DUKE PL 4/27/2020 Mon
OLD TROLLEY PL 4/27/2020 Mon
HILLTOP RD 4/27/2020 Mon
VALLEY RD 4/27/2020 Mon
WOODLAND RD 4/27/2020 Mon
SHAGBARK RD 4/27/2020 Mon
POINT RD 4/27/2020 Mon
NATHAN HALE RD 4/27/2020 Mon
DANCING BEAR RD 4/28/2020 Tue
WITCH LN 4/28/2020 Tue
BURCHARD LN 4/28/2020 Tue
TORY HILL RD 4/28/2020 Tue
OLD WITCH CT 4/28/2020 Tue
OLDFIELD PL 4/28/2020 Tue
HIGHLAND AVE 4/29/2020 Wed
WILSON AVE 4/29/2020 Wed
BLUFF AVE 4/29/2020 Wed
COVEWOOD DR 4/29/2020 Wed
HIGHLAND AVE 4/29/2020 Wed
WITCH LA 4/29/2020 Wed
RANGE RD 4/29/2020 Wed
CROOKED TRAIL 4/29/2020 Wed
RANGE RD 4/29/2020 Wed
LEDGE RD 4/29/2020 Wed
LITTLE BROOK RD 4/29/2020 Wed
DEAN CT 4/29/2020 Wed
THOMES ST 4/29/2020 Wed
GILBERT HILL RD 4/29/2020 Wed
ROWAYTON AVE 4/29/2020 Wed
STEEPLE TOP RD 4/30/2020 Thu
HUNT ST 4/30/2020 Thu
FLICKER LA 4/30/2020 Thu
INDIAN SPRING RD 4/30/2020 Thu
GREEN BEECH DR 4/30/2020 Thu
WITCH LN 4/30/2020 Thu
ROWAYTON AVE 4/30/2020 Thu
CREST RD 4/30/2020 Thu
RIDGEWOOD RD 4/30/2020 Thu
WILSON AVE 4/30/2020 Thu
BRYAN ROAD 4/30/2020 Thu
POND RIDGE CT 4/30/2020 Thu
HARSTROM PL 4/30/2020 Thu
MCKINLEY ST 5/1/2020 Fri
ROWAYTON AVE 5/1/2020 Fri
MCKINLEY ST 5/1/2020 Fri
TOP SAIL RD 5/1/2020 Fri
HIGHLAND AVE 5/1/2020 Fri
SAMMIS ST 5/1/2020 Fri
BLUFF AVE 5/1/2020 Fri
ROTON AVE 5/1/2020 Fri
CROCKET ST 5/1/2020 Fri
COOK ST 5/1/2020 Fri
ROWAYTON AVE 5/4/2020 Mon
RICHMOND RD 5/4/2020 Mon
ROTON AVE 5/4/2020 Mon
SUNWICH RD 5/4/2020 Mon
PINE POINT RD 5/4/2020 Mon
OLD WHARF RD 5/4/2020 Mon
NYLKED TER 5/4/2020 Mon
NEARWATER RD 5/4/2020 Mon
CAPTAINS WALK 5/5/2020 Tue
ENSIGN RD 5/5/2020 Tue
SOUTH BEACH DR 5/5/2020 Tue
WESTMERE AVE 5/5/2020 Tue
YARMOUTH RD 5/5/2020 Tue
CENTRAL AVE 5/5/2020 Tue

Hydrant flushing ads are placed in The Hour and/or Wilton Bulletin newspapers and on our website throughout the flushing schedule period.

Hydrant flushing can cause temporary discolored water and/or localized pressure fluctuations. This activity may cause some temporary customer inconvenience, but does not pose a health threat.  The discolored water is caused by the removal of accumulated iron and manganese that have settled in the main.
The following tips are recommended during this period:

  • Please check the color of your water before using.
  • Avoid washing clothes or using hot water during periods of temporarily discolored water.
  • If your water is temporarily discolored, run the COLD water in your bathtub. The time it takes for the water to clear will vary depending on your location and the length of your service pipe. You should run the water periodically and if it is still discolored, wait about 15 minutes and repeat this procedure.

Why we flush our hydrants

  • Hydrant flushing plays an important role in our operation and maintenance program.
  • Water quality can deteriorate during delivery from the treatment plant to the consumer due to a number of factors including distance from treatment plant, proximity to dead-end mains, type and condition of mains, and water flow patterns.
  • Hydrant flushing can improve water quality by removing accumulated sediment. Additional benefits of hydrant flushing include maintaining chlorine disinfection levels, eliminating taste and odor problems and controlling bacterial growth.
  • Hydrant flushing provides an opportunity for the department to check the amount of water flow available at each hydrant, as well as the hydrant’s mechanical operation.
  • The overall benefits of the hydrant flushing program far outweigh the temporary inconvenience associated with the program.