South Norwalk Electric and Water, a water and electric utility owned and operated by the Second Taxing District, Norwalk, Connecticut, is currently accepting applications for the following position:


Supervises and coordinates activities of the Line Department and is responsible for the entire management and operation of the Line Department. Interacts with other internal work groups to further the objectives of SNEW. Works with Electric Operations to coordinate and review new construction, customer projects, and system improvements.


1. High school (or GED) or trade school graduate, or have an equivalent in experience and training, plus successful completion of required 4/5-year apprenticeship program with mandatory on-the-job training and completion of certificate courses for cable splicing from an accredited institute with on-the-job training. Must have 18 years’ experience as a lineman and 4 years’ experience supervising underground and overhead distribution personnel

2. Must obtain and maintain Convex TD800 initial and refresher training, and demonstrate the ability to read, write, understand and communicate switching orders.

3. Must have and maintain a current/valid Connecticut Class Two license and Commercial Driver’s license (CDL), Class B (without restrictions E, G, or R).

4. Must live within 30 minutes commute from the utility.

5. Must have thorough knowledge of practices, materials and equipment used in the substation, sub-transmission and distribution systems.

6. Must have practical knowledge of the employment of all tools and materials and of the strength of all materials used in line construction and the limitation of all tools and mechanical equipment used in the construction and maintenance of the transmission and distribution systems.

7. Must have ability to do required electrical work, working hot equipment and by using hot line tools.

8. Must be in good physical condition; normal hearing and normal vision.

9. Must have ability to work indoors or outdoors, as assigned.

10. Must have ability to work in standing position for extended periods of time.

11. Must have ability to work for extended periods of time under conditions that require extreme care; climb poles or structures and perform required work off the ground on ladders, staging, bosun chair, etc., without being susceptible to dizziness; not be easily distracted, and act in a rational manner under emergency conditions.

12. Must have ability to cooperate and work efficiently with other employees.

13. Must have a thorough knowledge of safety rules and procedures, including rescue and resuscitation from electric shock.

14. Must have ability to instruct and direct the work of others in line work and to work effectively with others.

15. Must have ability to glove voltages up to and including 15 kV.

16. Must be able to travel nationally to represent SNEW and to gain additional knowledge and skills to keep SNEW’s electric systems current with modern electric utility operational and maintenance standards.


1. Is able to perform the duties of all the employees and job descriptions in the Line Department, and the following as required:

2. Directs the work of the Line Department in overhead and underground line construction and maintenance of the electrical distribution, sub-transmission, and substations.

3. Operates, in cooperation with the Substation Engineer, switch gear and systems in the substation(s), to provide optimal sub-transmission and distribution status.

4. Monitors safety habits and practices.

5. Handles all contact with customers and the public in a respectful and courteous manner.

6. An Emergency Work Requirement and On-Call Duty, when assigned.

7. Is able to perform any task on overhead or underground sub-transmission and distribution systems, as line worker, particularly those tasks involving a high degree of knowledge, skill and ability.

8. Assists the Substation Engineer with maintenance of the substation(s).

9. Exercises independent judgment frequently and works under general supervision only.

10. Supervises and performs switching, grounding and other varied and difficult tasks according to standard departmental practices.

11. Diagnoses and repairs trouble relating to normal assignment, and performs unusual work where no standard methods or specific directions are available.

12. Installs, removes and maintains all types of equipment and materials used on the transmission and distribution system.

13. Makes any type of transformer connection required.

14. Provides advice and recommendations to the Director of Electric Operations and General Manager for the improvement of the electrical distribution system including increased electric reliability and safety.

15. Assists the Director of Electric Operations and General Manager in budgeting and cost controls.

16. Prepares estimates for projects, makes suggestions regarding projects as required.

17. Prepares reports and maintains records for the company as required.

18. Performs any other duties assigned by the Director of Electric Operations and/or the General Manager, including working in another department under another job description, if required and qualified.

19. Assists Electric Operations with the evaluation of new customers, projects, and improvements to the distribution, substation, and sub-transmission systems.


Supervises work of Line Department, as assigned. Responsibilities include training employees; planning, assigning and directing work; appraising the performance of subordinates; addressing complaints and resolving problems of subordinates. However, because of staff shortages or emergencies, may directly perform the work of any employee in the Line Department.


The Electric Line Manager is exposed high/low voltage, and heavy traffic patterns. The noise level in the work environment is usually moderate to excessive, and there is exposure to inclement weather in outdoor and night time conditions.

SNEW offers a competitive salary plus a comprehensive benefits package. An application packet is available on our website at

Applications must be submitted by February 9, 2022 for consideration. EOE

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February 09, 2022