South Norwalk Electric and Water (SNEW) is a municipal electric and water utility owned and operated by the Second Taxing District, Norwalk, Connecticut. SNEW serves some 9,000 customers with water throughout Norwalk and surrounding areas and approximately 6,500 customers with electric in South Norwalk. The District also maintains parks and other public spaces in the South Norwalk community. SNEW is a municipal utility and is currently accepting applications for the following position:


The Electric Operations Technician is directly accountable to the Director of Electric Operations. This position works in a team environment with the Line Manager, Lead Electric Distribution Engineer, and Director of Electric Operations.


  1. Associate’s degree in engineering, computer science, the physical sciences or a related field.
  2. Two (2) years significant job related experience in a technical field preferably with a utility organization.


  1. Technical knowledge of principles of engineering and science.
  2. Working knowledge of design and construction of electrical system projects.
  3. Knowledge of technical verbal and written communication skills as well as public speaking skills.
  4. Ability to work with all types of people under varying circumstances and to interface with all departments within the organization.
  5. Working knowledge of computers and related software.
  6. General knowledge of business administration and basic principles of accounting.
  7. Physical ability to walk distances for up to two hours when inspecting facilities, construction projects, and in the performance of design activities for the organization.
  8. Physical ability to withstand exposure to weather, noise, indoor environment (often involving extremes in temperature and poor ventilation), in addition to the physical ability to sit for long periods of time at the computer or drafting table.
  9. Availability for occasional evening meetings.
  10. Mental stamina to work under conditions with multiple priorities and the ability to determine which is most important.
  11. Ability to keep up with constantly changing technical and regulatory information.
  12. General knowledge of regulations governing employment law and human rights.
  13. Ability to travel nationwide on behalf of the Organization to attend educational seminars to keep current on new and improved methods.


  1. Provides technical assistance to all other departments, identifying problem areas and responding with potential solutions.
  2. An Emergency Work Requirement and On-Call Duty, when assigned.
  3. Assists with Overhead, underground & substation improvements
  4. Reviews Distribution System & Substation standards, policies and Procedures
  5. Adheres to Electric Rules and Regulations.
  6. Perform monthly substation inspections.
  7. Program Underground distribution switches.
  8. Perform substation oil sampling test.
  9. Calculate customer deposits and verify customer loads.
  10. Assists with outside construction projects including field inspection, cost accounting and construction management.
  11. Provides detailed technical and scientific studies as assigned.
  12. Responsible for support of the Department’s Safety Program.
  13. Resolve customer Voltage problems.
  14. Assists in the preparation of annual budget for the department of technical services. Reviews reports, plans, studies and other documents affecting the utility, and makes recommendations to the Organization.
  15. Performs other miscellaneous duties as assigned by the Director of Electric Operations.
  16. Maintain and update construction standards

SNEW offers a competitive salary plus a comprehensive benefit package. An application packet is available at South Norwalk Electric & Water, One State Street, Norwalk, CT 06854 or on our Website at www.snew.org. Applications must be submitted by February 14, 2022 for consideration.

Job Details

February 14, 2022