South Norwalk Electric and Water (SNEW) is a municipal electric and water utility owned and operated by the Second Taxing District, Norwalk, Connecticut. SNEW serves some 9,000 customers with water in the greater Norwalk area and approximately 6,500 customers with electricity in South Norwalk. The District also maintains parks and other public spaces in the South Norwalk community. SNEW is a utility and is currently accepting applications for the following position:



The IT Manager is directly accountable to the Director of Customer Care. The IT Manager is responsible for the overall operation and management of the organization’s information systems including cyber security, computer applications, databases, computer systems, network management and related support and training to all other departments within the organization. The IT Manager is accountable for technology strategic planning for all aspects of SNEW’s technology.



  1. Associates Degree in computer science, information technology or management information systems and six (6) years of programming and computer operation experience.
  2. Or a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science, information technology or management information systems and four (4) years of programming and computer operation experience.
  3. Experience with personal computers, off site communications, network servers, and cyber security. Knowledge of software packages, and the ability to install programs and modify off-the shelf software, including database, graphics, accounting systems and CAD packages.
  4. Must be available for after-hours calls to respond to system problems.
  5. Must be fluent in verbal and written English.



  1. Knowledge of database systems including MS-SQL and Oracle.
  2. Knowledge of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) requirement.
  3. Knowledge of North American Electric Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC CIP) as well as NERC reliability standards for telecommunications and networks.
  4. Ability to solve problems with software and hardware systems.
  5. Ability to train staff in the use of software systems.
  6. Knowledge of or ability to learn accounting logic principles.
  7. Ability to communicate effectively in both oral and written communications.
  8. Knowledge of basic office procedures and ability to learn organizational policies.
  9. Working knowledge of network systems and personal computers.
  10. Working knowledge of network software.
  11. General knowledge of accounting and/or computerized accounting packages.
  12. Technical knowledge of personal computers for configuration and use with networks.
  13. Knowledge of programming techniques using multiple languages, business software packages and CAD (drafting packages).
  14. Physical stamina to lift and move computers, boxes of paper, forms, and peripherals.
  15. Mental stamina to work under conditions with constantly changing priorities.
  16. Ability to work with all types of people under varying circumstances and to interface with all departments within the organization.
  17. Ability and knowledge to obtain additional, ongoing training to constantly keep current on new developments in the field.
  18. Working knowledge of computerize telephone systems and integrating with off-shelf software.
  19. Ability, mental stamina, and patience to provide additional training to coworkers on computers and related software.



  1. Evaluate existing system in order to make appropriate recommendations for improvement.
  2. Plans and budgets for IT Department.
  3. Oversees the daily work of the IT staff to provide timely, quality support for hardware, operating systems, and business applications.
  4. Evaluates the performance of employees under his/her supervision.
  5. Supervises and supports the computer network.
  6. Provides support for all systems and software.
  7. Supervises and programs computerized gas pump system.
  8. Provides purchase support for computers and related products.
  9. Documents procedures for all computers and systems.
  10. Reviews and maintains the department’s cyber security plan.
  11. Makes recommendations to supervisor for implementing more efficient systems.
  12. Provides programming for special projects.
  13. Provides configuration for all newly purchased computers.
  14. Recommends to supervisor and implements approved procedures for better utilization of computers and systems.
  15. Provides support, training and consultation to staff members who need assistance in computer skills or utilization.
  16. Makes recommendations to improve data handling, organization wide.
  17. Reviews and upgrades computer facilities and utilization, through reports and studies.
  18. Provides technical assistance as necessary for automated systems including meter reading, databases, accounting, SCADA, advanced billing systems, CAD, and all other computer based systems and equipment.
  19. Manages and supports phone system, outage management system and internet connectivity at all locations.
  20. Performs other miscellaneous duties, as assigned.


SNEW offers a competitive salary plus a comprehensive benefit package. An application is available at South Norwalk Electric and Water, One State Street, Norwalk, CT 06854 or on the Employee Application link on our website at Please email all applications to Applications must be submitted by August 11, 2021 for consideration. EOE

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August 11, 2021