Water Technical Specialist

The Water Technical Specialist is directly accountable to the Director of Water Operations and is responsible for managing the Department’s cross connection program, conducting cross connection inspections, testing of backflow devices, maintaining accurate records, inspections of field work related to public water supply and electric system projects and compliance with the Connecticut CBYD Program, including locating and marking water and electric facilities.


Qualifications include:

  1. A valid Connecticut driver’s license.
  2. High School Diploma
  3. Eight years underground utility system experience including water
  4. Main and electric conduit repairs, utility system mapping and
  5. Record keeping, and/or water utility cross connection inspection and testing programs. An Associate’s Degree in science or engineering may be substituted for (4) year experience
  6. Certified as a cross connection inspector and tester
  7. May include after-hours time or being on call as needed
  8. Maintain a high level of safety at all times
  9. Performs other duties as assigned


Job Specifications:

  1. Technical knowledge of the Public Health Code regarding all aspects of cross- connections and the installation of backflow devices.
  2. Technical knowledge of the assembly and repair and repair of backflow devices (RPD, DCVA and PVB’s).
  3. General knowledge of the Public Health Code.
  4. General knowledge of the National Electric Safety Code.
  5. General knowledge of DOT and OSHA standards and safety regulations
  6. Ability to represent the company with good written and verbal communications skills, as well as public relation skills.
  7. Ability to perform and supervise leak detection and water audit detection studies.
  8. General knowledge of water and electric distribution construction.
  9. Knowledge of office procedures and company policies.
  10. Ability to climb in and out of construction excavation trenches to provide technical construction knowledge to demonstrate proper installation techniques to contractors.
  11. Knowledge or ability to learn to interpret contracts and specifications as they relate to construction.
  12. Knowledge or ability to learn bidding procedures and laws as they relate to water and electric utility construction.
  13. Knowledge of or the ability to learn computer software and CAD system.
  14. Physical stamina to work under all types of weather conditions.
  15. Ability to set priorities and handle more than one project at a time.
  16. Ability to interface well with all departments within the company
  17. Ability to attend non- local conferences and seminars as necessary to keep current on new codes and regulations regarding public health and safety as well keeping current on new methods regarding technical services.
  18. Ability to represent the organization in a professional manner in meetings and in dealing with the public, contractors and staff.
  19. Ability to provide technical assistance to other departments and other utilities, when necessary.
  20. General knowledge of billing and payment procedures as they pertain to contractors and suppliers and the ability to keep accurate records.


Essential Duties:


  1. Manages the departments cross connection control program.
  2. Coordinates and assigns backflow test appointments and inspections for the departments certified inspectors and testers.
  3. Keeps accurate record of cross connection program and files state reports.
  4. Interprets Department of Public Health Regulations and related staff informed as necessary.
  5. Locates underground water and electric system facilities in accordance with CBYD rules, regulations and procedures.
  6. Assists contractors with records, utility locations and related construction.
  7. Performs construction inspections on Department projects.
  8. Coordinates paving and construction activities, and acts as liaison to the City of Norwalk DPW.
  9. An Emergency Work Requirement and On-Call Duty, when assigned.
  10. Updates the water and electric distribution system records on CAD systems.
  11. Conducts cross connection surveys and test backflow prevention devices.
  12. Performs other miscellaneous duties, as assigned.


SNEW offers a competitive salary plus a comprehensive benefit package. An application packet is available at South Norwalk Electric & Water, One State Street, Norwalk, CT 06854, by emailing Hr@snew.org or on our Website at www.snew.org. Applications must be submitted by July 18, 2018 for consideration. EOE


Job Details

July 18, 2018